HR Director, Top Software Company

“Knowledgeable, attentive, thorough, and honest- what more can you ask for in someone you work with? BottomLine works with us to place several roles, and working with them has been a breeze and a ton of fun. Not only is the BottomLine team incredibly communicative and thorough, but they also carefully prepare and vet candidates for us, which helps us immensely in the recruiting process. BottomLine is constantly working to better our relationship and pinpoint what we’re looking for with the most accuracy possible, and we appreciate the amount of time they pour into our relationship. I’d recommend working with BottomLine Recruiting to anyone who wants a really uniquely tailored recruiting experience”

“I’ve worked with BottomLine as both a hiring manager and as an applicant on positions in Chicago, IL and Portland, OR while working from NY, NY. BottomLine does a great job of understanding the skills and personality traits necessary to fit qualified applicants with opportunities. They are a pleasure to work with from both sides of the aisle, and they have a deep network of sales professionals nationwide. I would highly recommend them to any sales professionals looking for a new position or hiring managers looking for new talent.”

“I was hired as a consultant to build a sales team and hire talent for the organization. After trying to recruit myself I was not getting the candidates I desired. I then hired BottomLine to recruit and when we met to discuss the profile, they listened. Every candidate that came through the door met the profile I was looking for and in the end I hired my team three weeks before my target date. That was because of BottomLine. I would use BottomLine again to recruit on future opening because they listen to their clients and represent them in the best way possible. They are great recruiters in every facet.”

“BottomLine is an excellent recruiting firm! They have the ability to reach people others do not have access to and discuss their career goals and ambitions. They provide opportunities to passive candidates that are not aware of the roles available in the market that would be a great fit for their goals. Not only are they great at matching skills to jobs, but they work with you every step of the way and have great communication skills. Anyone that has a chance to work with BottomLine will realize what a high caliber of talent and passion they have!”

“BottomLine Recruiting’s efforts have helped us recruit fantastic media sales talent with a fraction of the fuss. I felt that BottomLine Recruiting’s attention to detail and honesty helped us to make better recruiting decisions and find candidates that are the best fit for our company. I would certainly work with BottomLine Recruiting again and would recommend them to anyone looking to find sales talent.”