Client FAQs

Why BottomLine Recruiting?

BottomLine Recruiting is a full service recruiting firm that solely focuses on sales and business development positions. If you are looking to find top sales talent while saving time and money when building your team, you’ve come to the right place.

BottomLine Recruiting strives to improve your sales force – whether that means improving the quality of sales talent, tapping into the passive job market, or quickly producing a candidate pool. We are an extension of your hiring team, providing top and tough-to-find sales talent. More specifically, we will help increase your revenue, improve your sales numbers, and enhance your reputation within your marketplace.

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We do one thing and we do it very well, period. For over 15 years, we’ve successfully recruited SALES talent and unlike other recruiting resources with several lines of business, we’ve stuck to what we know-finding, qualifying and presenting top sales talent. Our team is highly networked and well educated on sales hiring trends and other vital market information. 

When partnering with BottomLine, you are working with seasoned sales recruiting professionals with both industry focus and expertise in the marketplace.

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We ACTIVELY recruit passive talent. The best candidates aren’t always going to come to you! All recruiting firms today are utilizing job boards, data platforms, AI and other shortcuts. The BottomLine team actively recruits and headhunts the most qualified and interested sales candidate. We speak to hundreds of sales representatives on a daily basis to uncover what types of opportunities would cause them to make a move from their current situation. We make connections and understand a candidate’s motivations, then we work to find them an opportunity that will better their personal and financial situation.

Every company is unique. From culture and style to leadership and internal resources, each client we work with will receive a customized approach that starts with our interview process.

BottomLine Recruiting utilizes a sales oriented, behavioral based interview process with every candidate we meet. This interview tends to weed out the weaker candidates and allows us to learn more about the candidates that are at the top of their game. Our behavioral based interview measures a candidate’s motivations as well as their desire to win.

Our goal for each position is to interview around 50-100 sales candidates. We strive to send you the top five candidates that score highest on our interview process; a process accurately designed around the credentials you seek.

Our clients tend to appreciate our process because we do not waste their time sending candidates for the sake of sending candidates. We do the leg work and find you the best candidates that come across our desk allowing you more time to focus on day to day necessities.

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