Our Client Process

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So why use a recruiting firm? Organizations and hiring managers do not have the luxury of making the wrong hiring decision; the risk is too great. It takes time to define needs and assess talent. In most cases, the time and energy necessary to make the right decision is not always available, and most importantly, managers may not be able to effectively develop and implement a successful sales hiring strategy. BottomLine Recruiting delivers a complete package of consulting while providing additional value to our partners, ultimately driving results and increasing your bottom line. As our client, we will work to conduct a market analysis of your assigned territory, target your competition, and network with your competitors to pull the top 20% of sales representatives to your side.

Excellent Customer Service, Focusing on Your Goals, Delivering Results

We are an extension of your team. With each client, we partner with their existing recruiting efforts and strive to provide a flexible and ongoing process while providing excellent customer service. We work very closely with each client by focusing on your goals, asking the right questions, and skillfully managing the details. In doing this we are able to determine the types of candidates you’re looking to hire. We are focused on delivering noticeable revenue results for our clients. More specifically, we are here to help you improve your sales force – whether that means improving the quality of sales talent, tapping into the passive job market, or quickly producing a candidate pool.

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BottomLine is extremely detailed oriented and thorough in our initial qualifying of candidates, using three main steps:

  • First, we phone interview each candidate to determine their strength in communication, building rapport, energy level, and overall ability to connect and drive interest – all key attributes necessary for a top sales person.
  • Second, we bring them in for a one hour behavioral based interview where we analyze their core presentation and in-person communication skills. We dig into their background, accomplishments, decisions, strengths, weaknesses, and any other key factors to decipher their fit for our clients. We are able to provide detailed information to our clients about their deal size, sales cycle, revenue targets, and any other important metrics that you are unable to interpret from an initial resume.
  • Our final step, before submitting a candidate to a client, is a communications and character assessment to evaluate how well a candidate writes, leaves messages, and follows up – both verbally and written. When all three steps are concluded and a candidate shows genuine and researched interest, we present them to our hiring managers.