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Looking to Hire Sales Professionals?

Hiring SALES talent is a time consuming and expensive process for organizations. In any job market, hiring sales professionals is one of the more difficult challenges that companies face and even with robust internal recruiting resources, talent acquisition teams struggle to find, qualify and hire sales professionals.  BottomLine Recruiting focuses on delivering noticeable revenue results for our clients, and more specifically, we are here to help you improve your sales force – whether that means improving the quality of sales talent, tapping into the passive job market, or quickly producing a candidate pool.

Diversity Recruiting

Need help finding DIVERSE sales talent? Hiring a diverse salesforce allows organizations to access different perspectives that can optimize your sales team’s capacity and increases their range of skills, talents and experience. There are plenty of stats that prove Diversity, Equity & Inclusive (DEI) hiring contributes to a better overall performance.

However, recruiting DEI candidates provides an added layer of challenges to some organizations without the proper talent acquisition methods in place. BottomLine Recruiting has extensive and successful experience working with organizations who exclusively hire DEI sales professionals.

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Detail Oriented and Thorough Consulting.

We work to conduct a market analysis of your assigned territory, target your competition, and network with your competitors to pull the top 20% of sales representatives to your side.

Organizations and hiring managers do not have the luxury of making the wrong hiring decision; the risk is too great. It takes time to define needs and assess talent. In most cases, the time and energy necessary to make the right decision is not always available, and most importantly, managers may not be able to effectively develop and implement a successful sales hiring strategy. BottomLine Recruiting delivers a complete package of consulting while providing additional value to our partners, ultimately driving results and increasing your bottom line.