Candidate Testimonials

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“BottomLine has proved themselves to be a valuable and trusted partner in my career search.

They told me straight off the bat whether an opportunity was a good fit for me, and in a short amount of time found me a new home in a career that I have long sought to enter. If you work with BottomLine, you will get the results that match your aspirations.”

“When you work with someone in the field of recruitment, you must have 100% confidence and trust in that firm

– there are none better than BottomLine Recruiting. Working with BottomLine was unbelievable. From the first day we spoke they made me feel comfortable and confident. They take the time to get to know YOU and are with you every step of the way. I have found a great partner in BottomLine. I HIGHLY recommend them to any top sales representative looking to improve their career!!!”

“I cannot recommend BottomLine Recruiting enough.

Working with them was an incredibly seamless and enjoyable process. BottomLine makes a detailed effort of really getting to know you and keeps in mind your criteria for a new career. Their candidness, integrity, and expansive network of contacts (they know everyone!), are to be admired. If you’re looking for a career change and want the best, go to BottomLine Recruiting.”

“BottomLine Recruiting is a great resource for job seekers and employers alike.

They go out of their way to really delve into what an organization needs in an applicant and also gets to know their contact base well which enables them to make good applicant recommendations for successful matches. I have used BottomLine Recruiting’s services more than once and have always felt that they had my best interest in mind as well as the success of the hiring organization.”

“BottomLine Recruiting is an excellent recruiting firm!

They have the ability to reach people others do not have access to and discuss their career goals and ambitions. They provide opportunities to passive candidates that are not aware of the roles available in the market that would be a great fit for their goals. Not only are they great at matching skills to jobs, but they are with you every step of the way and have great communication. Anyone that has a chance to work with BottomLine Recruiting will realize what a high caliber of talent and passion they have for what they do!”